Sunday, March 19, 2006

I saw Rich Klindworth on the news last night. I only caught the end of the newscast.


Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Hope you can catch up on your entries. FYI- we'll convert your Easter package over to a wmv file and post it online and you can also include it in your portfolio.

7:15 PM, April 07, 2006  
Blogger Jolene said...

Hi! I doubt anyone is still checking this, but if they are, just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It has been an interesting time since graduation though, especially the past few months.
I spent most of June and July working as a camp counselor again.
Then it was back to my parents' house to chill and basically be a bum. It was nice for awhile, got to see all my brother's football games. And somehow I became the team photographer for the wrestling team and put together a powerpoint slideshow of their season.
Christmas brought big changes. Ben proposed Christmas Eve! It was at my grandparents' apartment in front of my family. Dad got it on video.
We'd been waiting for Ben to get a job with the Boy Scouts ever since he did the screening interview last August. With the background checks and stuff it did take some time to get into their system, but he got his first call for an interview in December. Well, 6 weeks later, that one fell through when they decided not to hire anyone.
About a week after that, mid-February, we packed up and moved out of our parents' houses and moved in with his sister and her boyfriend in Frankfort, Kentucky! We've now been here about 7.5 weeks. We both found jobs quickly through a local temp agency. Ben is in the Unemployment Insurance division of the Cabinet for Human Resources (for the state gov't.). I started out doing a 2 week stint in the office of a steel and aluminum wheel manufacturing plant. I was backing up OSHA documents, prepping for the yearly hearing test, and doing some other computer work for the Safety, Environmental and Health department. Now I'm in the same building as Ben, but in a different department. I'm working with the Community Based Services Dept., specifically with the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs. When checks are returned by clients/care homes/the Post Office/etc, we contact the case workers and figure out what the problem is and try to get the checks to the people. We also cancel checks for various reasons, issue duplicate checks, etc. It's a lot of emails and computer work. I'm doing good at it though, got the mess cleaned up from the previous temp, been helping my overwhelmed supervisor with some of her caseload.
Ben did an interview with a council in Johnstown, PA over Easter weekend. I was starting to look forward to moving to Johnstown, even though I LOVE Frankfort. I figured I could see if the Pitt-Johnstown campus needed anyone in a communications position (free college classes!) or at the local paper or local TV station. But alas, Ben got a call Tuesday saying that he was a close second out of the four candidates. They enjoyed the interview and expect him to get a position somewhere else, its just a matter of time. He's heard from his old Scoutmaster (a high ranking volunteer) that the District Exec position in his home council will be opening soon as the current guy is moving up to a larger council. So hopefully he can land that one and then we'd be moving to the Butler area (yay close to home AND to WC!) And then there'd be job opportunities for me at the Butler Eagle or BC3 or somewhere else in that area. I figure from the time he gets a call about an interview it would be at least a month before we'd be moving, so for now I'm settled comfortably here. Frankfort is large enough to have everything we'd need, but a small enough city that it's not overwhelming and there is still green grass and residential neighborhoods (we live in a duplex in a neighborhood of duplexes/triplexes). It's just 9 hours from home :-(

So yeah, in summary, I'm alive and doing well. Temp agencies are great, especially when you're playing it by ear in regards to how long you'll be in an area. Government jobs are good to test for (I havent since I don't know when we'd be leaving, may test for a local gov't office job once we move for good). Kentucky is warmer but has lots of pollen this time of year. I'm going to be planning a wedding soon, but not until after he lands this Scout job. I'll try to check in on blogs more from now til the end of the semester! Oh, and maybe at some point I'll figure out my password and actually post this correctly!

7:16 PM, April 13, 2007  

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