Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spring semester...and go!

Wow, we're back. Break seems so long at the time, but not so long now. And Spring always seems to go fast. Not even just in reference to the semester. Even in high school this part of the year seemed to fly. And flying spring soon leads to (no, not June bugs) the BC senior presentations.
I think I'll have a lot to talk about there. I know its not supposed to be a trip down memory lane. But I think I can address my Broadcast journey without it turning into that. While at home, I found an application I'd done for an off-campus scholarship. And in it, I wrote a paragraph about wanting to be an anchor at a major television station. Wow. That whole concept was so long ago. So many aspiration transitions since then. Never a major shift, just slowly transistioning. So yeah, broadcast journey.
Invitations? Well, I suppose I'll have to invite my family. And maybe if my grandparents come they'll actually understand what it is that I do here and what I want to do. I love my grandfather for pointing out every newspaper job available in The Courier-Express, but I'd like to specialize a little more than just being a newspaper reporter. Anyways. Open invitation to my KD sisters. I honestly could not have made it through some points without their support. So its only fitting that they be there for the culmination.
Fears? That I'll slack and do it last minute. So I guess now that I got that one out there, I need to work on that issue. Oh, and honestly, I get nervous talking to groups of people. I mean, I know I'll do fine once I'm up there, but yeah. I've done debate, I read in church, but even in front of groups that I know well, I'm nervous. Which is another reason to have stuff done on time, so I can practice it. And still be nervous. I'm very good about not showing it though.
But all in all the presentations should be a good time. It'll be cool to see what everyone else does.


Blogger Laura K. said...

hahaha you mean i didn't show you the pictures from the night before the festival when i popped into the radio station and found pat, megan, sebastian, and tandi all frantically working, and sarah and ashley called us up from home? Hahahaha. worried about slacking. welcome to the last minute world of BC!

10:23 AM, January 24, 2006  

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