Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm a senior

Yeah, yeah, we've been seniors for a semester now. Its just one of those things that randomly hits me sometimes. Several of my friends are gone, either graduating a semester early or a semester late. And that'll be me soon. "Standing at the gates of Westminster, my stuff piled around me, going, ok, what now?" to quote a friend. Spring will be the time to figure out that "what now". After meeting with Weaver, I'm really thinking about the idea of web producing. After all, I can write both newspaper and broadcast copy.
Quick side note: I got one last Holcad story assignment. We knew some people would have 3 and others would have 4, so I got a 4th. Kathryn called on a Monday night to see if I would do the story, since they wanted it by Wednesday to run that week, instead of being due Sunday as usual. No problem. Well, long story short, it was a problem because the interviewees couldnt meet with me until Thursday. So I cleared it that the story would be due Thursday as soon as I could get it to them, since thats the night they put the paper together. The interview was at 3:30. I had the story written and turned in just after 5! I considered not turning it in to Mr. Raykie since I'd done it so quickly and I already had my 3. But I did anyways, and ended up with the best grade out of any of my stories!
Okay, back to the point. I can write both styles. Web producing for a newspaper requires both styles. More and more newspapers are going online with separate content instead of a PDF. When readers put the RSS feed on their homepage, they only get a line or two, so that first part must be broadcast style. Get the point out there so people know if they want to continue or not. This is also a job that would be available anywhere in the country. I wouldnt have to live in a big city! My family always tells me when newspaper jobs are available and I always just nod and smile. But this is an aspect that would actually fit what I've done, especially if the paper is able to support video and audio on their site.


Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I think BC 312 will definitely come in handy with this online news producing idea.

12:10 PM, December 28, 2005  

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