Sunday, March 19, 2006

I saw Rich Klindworth on the news last night. I only caught the end of the newscast.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday and Wednesday were News days again. Monday I used the digital camera to shoot Man on the Street interviews. The questions were: Are you ready for spring? and What are you doing to prepare? It was a lot warmer to be outside shooting! I came back with 6 interviews and used iMovie to edit them. I took a break at one point to write another piece for the Progress edition.

Wednesday there wasnt a lot to do. Tim gave me my next assignment and I left a message for the person. Note to self, know the number you are calling from before you call! I probably sounded like an idiot as I asked Erika the number while leaving the message. I exported the finished videos and Andrew would put them on the website later. I left fairly early because there wasnt anything going on with the next story until I had the contact. I dont have real set hours. The time I go in is fairly set, between 1:30 and 2 o'clock. Most of the time I get there in time for the news meeting. The time I finish just depends on whats going on that day.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back to the News again this week. Andrew shot the interview with the gentleman from the Historical Society last Thursday while I was in class. I took a look at that on Monday and then went out to Sheep Hill by myself. One of those days when no one wants to talk for a camera. And it was so cold out too. I finally got three interviews so I went back and put them on the computer.

Wednesday I did the editing for the project using Final Cut Express. Since Monday had been so snowy and the day Andrew shot cover footage hadnt been, I was only able to use what I shot. All of the interview, however, was Andrew's.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Last Saturday was the final regular season basketball games. We did a live special from the gym. I interviewed the assistant athletic trainer during halftime of the men's game. It went very well. Doing a live interview was actually pretty cool. I wasnt really nervous and didnt have anything written down. But I'd had lots of time to prepare. I think doing a live report from a scene would be a lot harder because its more spur of the moment.

I started at the New Castle News this week. I'd talked to Tim a few times on the phone, so the interview wasnt bad. We talked about what I'm able to do, what I've done, what I would like to do, etc. I met Andrew, the photographer/videographer, checked out some of the stuff on the NCNews website. The first project is about Sheep Hill, an area in New Castle. Then I was let loose to write two pieces for the Progress edition of the paper.

On Wednesday, I went with Andrew to a limestone mine that is now used for storage. Lisa was doing the print version of the story and Andrew was shooting the video for the website. The gear is so awesome! The camera is tiny and weighs about as much as my handbag. After the interview portion, we got to go zipping through the mine in a golf cart.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Steve and I worked together for a Valentine's Day package this week. No one wanted to talk to us. It was so hard to get interviews. We didnt have a lot of cover shots to work with because we killed three batteries. It was a good thing we did our stand-up when we did because just as we finished, the last battery died. Josh was our cameraman and said he could go back later in the day by himself to get more cover. But he didnt and I didnt know that until Thursday or I would have gone by myself. One of the hardest things with this was the scheduling. Steve and I are both busy with different schedules but we wanted to sit down together to do the editing.

I've been going back and forth with Tim K. from the New Castle News to arrange an internship with the media department there.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm having some computer power source issues, so internet access has been sketchy. At least I was able to figure out my username and password today since I normally depend on my browser to remember those.

Last week was my first package of the semester. It got very stressful at times trying to get things set up. Wednesday afternoon gave me a good reminder of how so much of what we do is dependent upon other people. I had all afternoon free to work on the package, but my interviewee couldn't meet until 7 p.m. And then Thursday when I ran into Aidan at dinner and was told my package still had a flash frame that I thought I'd fixed...well, I feel bad for my boyfriend and any others who were eating dinner with me. But it all worked out ok. And my package was put online at so I called my mom that night so she could see it. And since then, my parents have passed the link on to several other relatives.

Thursday was also the first Capstone speech of the semester. It was a lot more laid-back and a lot less upsetting than the first speech of Fall semester. Sometimes I have trouble believing that I can make it on my own (insert Mary Tyler Moore theme music). There's just so many things involved; job, housing, bills, etc. I mean, I can balance a checkbook better than my mom and I can go grocery shopping, but there's a lot more to it than that. So at least the class has faith that I can go to South Carolina on my own. Well, not completely on my own. I'd be living with a relative, but she's a flight attendent and often gone, so I'd be taking care of the house, buying my own groceries, taking care of her dog, and so on. So I guess the big thing now is talking to Ben about the whole thing. I have to do that before I start sending resumes so far away. And then, I guess I will be sending out the resumes. I think the beginning of March is a good goal. That still gives me a couple of months before graduation.

Friday, January 27, 2006

the festival? the festival!

I seem to get a song in my head when I go to title my entries. Last week it was a play on a camp song, this time its from Into the Woods. Anyways...
I would love to do the boards for the collection in the hallway. Shannon is totally on board with this too. We were already talking about ideas today. A tour of all the places we've done stories, a collage, etc. We both have digital cameras so we're going to start collecting pictures now.
For the other aspects of the fair...I think Amanda and Heather would work well with coordinating something without the juniors. Though if they have something planned for themselves already, then Laney would also do well. I'd put Justin and Luke up to the challenge of the time capsule. I think they could be very creative and very effective with it.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

BC festival

A celebration of all the goodness that is Broadcasting. Time to show the campus what it is we do. Hmm. Maybe some fun trivia about the Titan Radio DJ's.
During lunch, set up a station in Lindley Dining Room (is that what the little room is called?) or maybe at a table in the TUB so people can ask questions about broadcasting ("Ask the Anchor!").
The photo boards in the display cases could probably be updated with pictures from this year. Or if there is no room to update, add a new board to the display.
They did some cool stuff last year too, like the remote truck tours. Just trying come up with some new ideas.

Hey you juniors!

Guess what! Soon, all too soon, you too will be in capstone. You are the "next generation" (dun dun duuuuun)! So what can you do now? Well, one good thing to do is to begin your blog. Document each week what you do in broadcasting. You'll see that its a lot more than you think. Or you'll realize that you're not doing enough and that needs to change. The blog can be used to chart your growth as you explore new aspects of the major. Starting the Sales class this semester? Blog your experience with that as your skills grow. Be positive. Use the blog to identify the good things you are doing. If you're having issues, still blog about it, but use writing as a way to find a solution to those issues. And hey, if nothing else, at least you have a blog going and won't forget the password next fall when capstone starts, right?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spring semester...and go!

Wow, we're back. Break seems so long at the time, but not so long now. And Spring always seems to go fast. Not even just in reference to the semester. Even in high school this part of the year seemed to fly. And flying spring soon leads to (no, not June bugs) the BC senior presentations.
I think I'll have a lot to talk about there. I know its not supposed to be a trip down memory lane. But I think I can address my Broadcast journey without it turning into that. While at home, I found an application I'd done for an off-campus scholarship. And in it, I wrote a paragraph about wanting to be an anchor at a major television station. Wow. That whole concept was so long ago. So many aspiration transitions since then. Never a major shift, just slowly transistioning. So yeah, broadcast journey.
Invitations? Well, I suppose I'll have to invite my family. And maybe if my grandparents come they'll actually understand what it is that I do here and what I want to do. I love my grandfather for pointing out every newspaper job available in The Courier-Express, but I'd like to specialize a little more than just being a newspaper reporter. Anyways. Open invitation to my KD sisters. I honestly could not have made it through some points without their support. So its only fitting that they be there for the culmination.
Fears? That I'll slack and do it last minute. So I guess now that I got that one out there, I need to work on that issue. Oh, and honestly, I get nervous talking to groups of people. I mean, I know I'll do fine once I'm up there, but yeah. I've done debate, I read in church, but even in front of groups that I know well, I'm nervous. Which is another reason to have stuff done on time, so I can practice it. And still be nervous. I'm very good about not showing it though.
But all in all the presentations should be a good time. It'll be cool to see what everyone else does.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm a senior

Yeah, yeah, we've been seniors for a semester now. Its just one of those things that randomly hits me sometimes. Several of my friends are gone, either graduating a semester early or a semester late. And that'll be me soon. "Standing at the gates of Westminster, my stuff piled around me, going, ok, what now?" to quote a friend. Spring will be the time to figure out that "what now". After meeting with Weaver, I'm really thinking about the idea of web producing. After all, I can write both newspaper and broadcast copy.
Quick side note: I got one last Holcad story assignment. We knew some people would have 3 and others would have 4, so I got a 4th. Kathryn called on a Monday night to see if I would do the story, since they wanted it by Wednesday to run that week, instead of being due Sunday as usual. No problem. Well, long story short, it was a problem because the interviewees couldnt meet with me until Thursday. So I cleared it that the story would be due Thursday as soon as I could get it to them, since thats the night they put the paper together. The interview was at 3:30. I had the story written and turned in just after 5! I considered not turning it in to Mr. Raykie since I'd done it so quickly and I already had my 3. But I did anyways, and ended up with the best grade out of any of my stories!
Okay, back to the point. I can write both styles. Web producing for a newspaper requires both styles. More and more newspapers are going online with separate content instead of a PDF. When readers put the RSS feed on their homepage, they only get a line or two, so that first part must be broadcast style. Get the point out there so people know if they want to continue or not. This is also a job that would be available anywhere in the country. I wouldnt have to live in a big city! My family always tells me when newspaper jobs are available and I always just nod and smile. But this is an aspect that would actually fit what I've done, especially if the paper is able to support video and audio on their site.